Our job is to make sure your home is cared for, guests’ needs are taken care of and you have peace of mind. We are here to serve.


Services provided 

  • Set-up and management of property on Airbnb under Breck Bear Property Management.   
  • Availability for communication with owner for maintaining property and serving guests. 
  • Availability for communication with guest for STR services. 
  • Property maintenance: Personally caring for, hiring out, overseeing, and ensuring maintenance issues are dealt with correctly.                
  • Full management of cleanings.   

Costs to Owner – billed monthly 

  • 20% of lodging revenue 
  • BBPM property maintenance will be billed at a rate of $25 per ½ hour. 
  • Receipts for household supplies such as batteries, bulbs and other general needs passed along on monthly basis for reimbursement. 
  • Smaller property maintenance invoices will be paid by BBPM and added to monthly homeowner invoice. Larger property maintenance invoices will be sent directly to property owner by contractor. 


  • Airbnb Payouts will be directed to homeowner’s bank  
  • Invoices will be sent out the beginning of the month with a 5 day term 
  • We request one owner as primary point person for general communication  
  • Your BBPM point person for general communication will be Rebekah Bertram 

Lee Bertram 970 – 409 – 8049