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The best place to park in Breckenridge is….Frisco!! 🙂 Just kidding.

Nobody really thinks about parking until they load their family up in the car and come upon the first view of town. As they go down Main Street the kids are hungry, the wife needs coffee, and the husband is stressed because he doesn’t know where to park. I’ve got the answer!

Breck Park

Before you head to Breckenridge, check out the PARKING system used in town. It will save some headache for sure.

If you plan on staying for more than two or three days, I highly recommend downloading their parking app which makes it easy to add time to your parking.

Here are some tips for parking in town:

  • Main Street Junction offers a 2 hours free parking underground. You still need to sign up for parking while you are there, and definitely make sure to extend your parking if you are there for more than 2 hours.
  • We like parking in F lot to access Peak 9.
  • The Wellington Lot off Main Street close to parking garage offers free parking after 3 PM.
  • The Stables Lot up at Peak 8 is only 50 cents/hour after 2 PM.
  • The Ice Rink Arena parking is free to all!
This is Lee!
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